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XANSYS Netiquette (The Rules for Community Members)

Last Revised: 04/16/2008



This documents sets out the way users are expected to behave on XANSYS. It is essential that you read this document before subscribing or posting. Ignorance of the contents of this document will not be an acceptable excuse.

Who can join XANSYS and post messages

XANSYS is a closed group and all members are required to subscribe and demonstrate a basic level of competence in using ANSYS. Membership is a privilege, not a right and membership will be rapidly removed from those who do not conform to these guidelines. Membership is not available to users in countries where it is not possible to possess a properly licensed copy of ANSYS.

When posting to the list (or applying for membership) you must not use an anonymous email address (i.e. yahoo, hotmail, gmail, rediffmail, sohu, 126 etc. addresses are not acceptable). The address must be your currently subscribed address and you must state your full name and company (or university) affiliation.

Any attempt to purchase, sell, or even inquire about "bootleg", "cracked", illegal versions of the ANSYS program, or other illegal activities, will result in immediate banning.

Before Posting

Before posting your question to the list consider using these other resources first (Not necessarily in this order) :

  • The ANSYS documentation.
  • The person in the cube next to you.
  • Another local expert.
  • The ANSYS web site http://www.ansys.com
  • The XANSYS archive at: http://www.xansys.org/mailman/private/xansys
  • The wonderful Sheldon Imaokas Unofficial ANSYS Web Site at http://www.ansys.net
  • Your ASC (ANSYS Support Coordinator - some sites have these.)
  • Your Channel Partner (ANSYS Support Distributor).


If you do not regularly post to technical forums such as this then you are strongly recommended to read "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way:"


Also, please take a look at Guy Kawasaki's blog entry on writing an effective e-mail:


How to post

The only acceptable language is English. We will make allowance for those whose native tongue is not English but we do expect people to make an effort to post in a standard English style. Posters who do not use punctuation and capitalization can expect to be criticized.

Please post messages, questions, requests to the mailing list ONLY (xansys@xansys.org). Subscribers should not send unsolicited emails directly to other members, unless mutually agreed upon.

Select a title for your post with care so that it gives users an indication of your problem. To help people filter through the large number of posts please start your subject line with one of the following KEYWORDS. The text will have to be exact to work. The advantage to you is that specialists in these areas may also filter to give special attention to these topics!



Messages from the list and server administrators


APDL macros, user programmable features, TCL/TK scripts, abbreviations etc.


FLUENT, CFX and FLOTRAN CFD related posts


Post about DesignModeler


Modal, harmonic, transient, rigid body and flexible dynamics


High and low frequency electromagnetics


ANSYS related employment opportunities


(Off Topic) Anything such as jokes that is considered worthy of posting but isn't strictly relevant to ANSYS


Everything else that does fall into a category above. Any general ANSYS related posts


ANSYS on Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 and XP and Vista


Multiphysics problems including fluid-structure interaction (FSI)


Structural, modal, and other vibration analysis


Heat transfer related posts


Post that cover Workbench modules


ANSYS on Unix or Linux




If you are starting a discussion on a new topic then start a new email, don't reply to a previous posting and change the subject (because it screws up the threading of messages).

Do not post the same question repeatedly. If nobody is answering then either nobody knows the answer, you aren't following the requirements of this Netiqutte document or you haven't asked the question in a sensible way.

You can not send attachments to the list. Short extracts (up to 100 lines) from log files pasted into the body of a message are acceptable.

If appropriate use "reply" to keep the same subject line. It helps those who can thread incoming messages to group the thread.

When replying to a post remove excess quoted text to reduce the size of the message; leave just enough to preserve context.

If a question generates a lot of responses suggesting different methods, the person who posted the original question should provide some feedback indicating which of the methods was most successful and why.

All posts SHOULD include:

  • A clear statement of the problem.
  • A summary of what you have done to date to try and resolve the problem.
  • Your full name and company (or university of a student)

Information you probably want to include:

  • The version of ANSYS you are using
  • The computer type and operating system
  • Whether you are using a university or a commercial license

Concluding a post:

It is very helpful to people searching an archive for a poster to conclude a thread by summarizing what suggestions worked and which did not.  It is also nice to thank those who took the time to help you.

Subscriber tips - how to deal with ALL that email!

  • Most of the options for this list can be set at: http://www.xansys.org/mailman/options/xansys. Please visit this link to see all of the options available.
  • You can receive one email a day with all the postings:  set "Digest Mode" to "On" on the web option page.
  • You can avoid all XANSYS email by looking at the postings on the web. To do this, set: "Mail deliver" options to "Disabled" on the web site.
  • If you are going to be out of the office for a while and don't want to return to a mountain of XANSYS email on your return then turn off mail delivery whilst you are away.
  • If your emailer can, have it filter the [Xansys] subject line and put in a folder. You can filter on the keywords above.
  • If your emailer can, sort the message by thread (makes for easy deleting.)
  • Aggressive "dumping" of topics not of interest to you can help


To unsubscribe send an email to xansys-request@xansys.org with the subject "Unsubscribe" (please be careful to spell "unsubscribe" correctly).  You will receive a request for confirmation.

Alternatively if you know your xansys password e.g. "Mypassword" you can send the subject as "Unsubscribe Mypassword" and you will be unsubscribed without requiring confirmation.


If you are experiencing problems with your XANSYS account then contact the moderator; do not post your problem to the whole list.

Comments and suggestions welcome:

Martin Liddle, Tynemouth Computer Services
Fern Thomassy, Fallbrook Technologies
XANSYS Moderators

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