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The ANSYS user community is a fairly active one and there are many places on the web to learn more about the software and to share your own experiences.  The following is a basic list that primarily points to other locations with much more information  


This is the first place to look and a jumping off point for all things ANSYS on the Web: www.ansys.net

The site is maintained by Sheldon Imaoka and is a great place for users to share macros, information on undocumented and obscure commands, and a great list of fantastic links to other ANSYS resources.

This is also the location of the legacy XANSYS ARCHIVE  


The official corporate web site for ANSYS, Inc. has a lot more to offer than the typical marketing information: www.ansys.com

Some location on www.ansys.com that are particularly useful are:

ANSYS Demo Room (www-harwell.ansys.com/demoroom)

A great site kept up by the ANSYS Europe folks that has streaming video showing most ANSYS, Inc. Products in action.  A must see if you are looking into a module you have not used before.

Customer Portal (www1.ansys.com/customer)

ANSYS Users can use this portal to download service packs, browse the technical support database and download some manuals. This portion of the site is a must for every ANSYS Support Coordinator.

Hardware and Software Partners (www.ansys.com/corporate/partnerships.asp)

A list of all of the certified third party software partners for ANSYS and a list of certified hardware.  This is a great place to find add on tools to expand and connect your ANSYS seat or check and see if that new video card will work with ANSYS.

International Web Sites (www.ansys.com/international.asp)

ANSYS, Inc. maintains dedicated web sites in the following regions of the world: China, Europe, France, India and Japan.  Visit the International page the find the links.

Office Locator (www1.ansys.com/office_locator/default.asp)

If you are looking for where to buy ANSYS or, more importantly, where to get support for ANSYS, this is the place to go.  

Non-ANSYS ANSYS, Inc. Products

CADOE (www.cadoe.com)

The CADOE team in France maintains a web site dedicated to ANSYS, Inc’s Variation Technology and products and consulting that uses this technology.  The product information is out of date but there is a lot of detail about Variation al Technology and its application.

Century Dynamics (www.centdyn.com)

People interested in Explicit Dynamics or Off-Shore simulation should go here for more information on this suite of products including AUTODYN, AutoReaGas, asas, and AQWA.

CFX (www-waterloo.ansys.com)

The CFX team maintains a very useful site that includes a very active user’s forum and tons of useful information

FLUENT (www.fluent.com)

Everything you ever wanted to know about FLUENT and all of the FLUENT Inc.  products can be found at this site

Harvard Thermal (www.harvardthermal.com)

Information and downloads on HTI products like  TAS, TASPCB and PTD.

ICEM CFD (www-berkeley.ansys.com/overview/index.html)

A bit out of date, but the site still has some useful information

Other Links

There are many other places to go.  www.xansys.net is the best place to find most of them, but here are a few of the more important one:

Free tutorials:

All new users should visit the indispensable Tips and Hints page from Peter Budgell: www3.sympatico.ca/peter_budgell/ANSYS_tips.html

Some people at the University of Freiburg have developed some tools called mor4ansys that includes a utility to extract matricies from the ANSYS FULL file: www.imtek.uni-freiburg.de/simulation/mor4ansys

ANSYS Reseller Newsletters and Support Pages:

Medeso ANSYS NewsLetter

CADFEM Service Newsletter (Aus Deutch)

Belcan Tech Support Page

CAEA Tech Support Page

PADT's "Focus" Newsletter

PADT's Benchmark Pages


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