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Welcome to the XANSYS Mailing List, a place for the ANSYS user community to exchange ideas and help each other be more productive. The XANSYS community has existed on several list servers over the years and has grown in size and content as it has moved.

Welcome to XANSYS

Membership is open to legal users of the ANSYS software products. To join, visit the subscription page.


The list is entirely maintained and policed by users, and the majority of users are engineering professionals who use this as a tool in their work. As such, their are some very specific rules and guidelines for how to interact on this list. Before you post or reply please review the rules. Abuses are usually dealt with by prompt removal from the list.


This list is maintained and monitored by volunteers from the user community. Currently, Martin Liddle and Fern Thomassy serve as the list Moderators. Questions about membership and rules should be directed towards them.


The list is hosted by Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies. PADT is an ANSYS Channel Partner and Mechanical Engineering Services Company located in Tempe Arizona.

Administration & Hosting

This list is hosted as a service to the ANSYS User community.   Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT), does not moderate or review the content in any way. PADT assumes no responsibility or liability for any content or usage of this list.  The contents of this list do not necessarily express the views or opinions of PADT, ANSYS, Inc. or the staff of either cooperation.

This list has no connection with ANSYS, Inc. and none of the content on the list is in any way official ANSYS, Inc. information.


PLEASE NOTE:  Any advice, recommendations or suggestions posted to this list are worth what you paid for them: Nothing.  Analysis is a serious business and as with any engineering effort, you must check and re-check your results regardless of where the information you used to obtain them came from.



XANSYS is run on a rack mounted 64 Bit Opteron running OpenSUSE Linux.  It uses Open Source software including: Mailman, Apache, Lurker, Spamassasin, Postfix, phpBB and lots of python.  It connects to the world through PADT’s T1 line.


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